4th Brazil Film Festival



All films subtitled in English

All films subtitled in English

Genre Documentary
Year 2011
Duration 90min
Director Walmor Pamplona
Producer: Christoph Reisky

A documentary feature film on Rio de Janeiro’s female samba dancers. Anonymous stars of our biggest party, mulatas are the supreme symbol of Carnaval. Bearing in flawless step the magic and sensuality that hypnotise the audience and ensure the global audience to the spectacle of the samba schools of Rio. Far beyond the spotlight of revelry and fun, their trajectories, paradoxically, combine melancholy, loneliness and humour – In addition, of course, the deepest love of Carnaval. Mulatas tells the stories of the most desired characters of the avenue. Reports mount an indispensable portrait of daily queen pagan who face discrimination, harassment and deprivation. Allow a deep dive backstage at the greatest show on earth, far beyond the fantasies that shine on TV, one of its most mysterious faces: the floor of the samba schools, ensuring greater force of the party, crossing the bridge to life.

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